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The Blue Rose Project is highlighted by a song titled "Blue Rose" which was recently co-written and produced to help raise funds for the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies at Arnold Palmer Medical Center in Orlando, Florida.

There is an amazing true story behind this song that inspired the artist, Debra Shaffer, to write the lyrics about her baby daughter, Taryn Maryse. This ultimately led to her singing the song and getting it produced by leading music industry professionals, including a five-time Grammy Award winning producer. Read the Blue Rose Story »

"Songs have a life of their own," Debra says. The Blue Rose song is meant to uplift and inspire others with a message that even though life has its difficulties, there is always hope - and that "Anything's Possible..." What do you believe? Would you like to make a difference? By donating just $1 - you can help the babies in this wonderful cause. You will also get a Free copy of the beautiful song Blue Rose, which reflects a sparkling, positive spirit you are sure to enjoy!

In August 2012, Debra Shaffer, founder of the Blue Rose Project, sat down for a radio interview in the studio with Laurett Ellsworth. Debra co-wrote the song "Blue Rose," and is dedicating proceeds from the song to Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. Laurett asks Debra how the song came to be and why she was compelled to sing it...


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The Blue Rose Story

It seems like just yesterday when I was transferred by ambulance as a patient from a Daytona Beach, Florida hospital - to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children because my baby was going to be born prematurely. I remember being told that my baby would receive better and more advanced care there...Read More »

The Blue Rose Song

Why can't there be blue roses? If you believe roses can be blue, then we have something in common. We believe "Anything's Possible..." Dedicated to my baby daughter, Taryn Maryse, the song Blue Rose went on an amazing journey to find its way into the hands of a Grammy award-winning producer and other notable music industry professionals...Read More »

The Blue Rose Project

Ever since 1994, I wanted to find a way to give back to the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida, where my baby daughter was born. I never dreamed it would happen through a song titled Blue Rose. By donating $1, you can help the babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit - And receive a FREE song download of Blue Rose...Read More »

The Mrs. Maryland America Pageant and the Blue Rose Project

The Mrs. Maryland America Pageant is proudly partnered with the Blue Rose Project to help magnify fundraising efforts. Utilizing the beautiful Blue Rose song, we are able to reach out and improve the lives of others while creating a ripple effect of charity, compassion, hope and promise...Read More »

This video clip announces the new expansion efforts for Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, and why additional beds are needed in the NICU to help more babies!

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Chocolate! On Sept. 29 2012, the new signature ”Blue Rose Bon Bon for the Babies” was introduced at a special Chocolatier Event to provide awareness and proceeds towards the expansion of the Winnie Palmer NICU.
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